Are you living in a place that makes your heart beat?


Brand story

  JnK began with a pure passion for photography and cameras.

 Leather workshop JnK begins with the story of an ordinary young man who just liked photography. In college, when the weather was good, the young man enjoyed walking on the road with a camera rather than class, and on rainy days, a young man who used to sit in the school library and search through photo books instead of major books, won awards in various contests and became a university student at JoongAng Ilbo. I was seriously immersed in photography enough to develop my dream of photography as a job.

 This hobby of photography naturally spreads with love for cameras, and when I was fascinated by the charm of classic film cameras, I felt very regretful that I couldn't find a case that fits the camera I was affectionately anywhere. The simple thought of'Can't I make it myself?' that came to mind at that time became the starting point for JnK.

 At JnK, it's made by adventurous people.

 I remember going on a backpacking trip to Europe in the summer of my fourth year in college before graduation, wandering about the future, and later than my friends. And in Florence, Italy, where I stopped by without any purpose, I had a fateful moment looking down at the floating clouds reflected in the river, just like my dreamy dream that I couldn't catch up with. On a pleasant morning, where my heart is excited, I have a vague admiration as I walk through the streets of workshops that create their own small brands in their own stylish spaces. The memory that could be just a passing city's scenery remains clear, and in the end, after graduating from the College of Education, the young man who walked on the path of a teacher like his friends rejected many currents around him and chose a'place where the heart beats' from the crossroads of important choices. I did.

 All the members of JnK who are together now have their own stories. JnK's team members, selected without any restrictions on their career and academic background, have nothing in common: friends who majored in politics, friends who majored in beauty, Japanese, Korean, costumes, engineering college, and marathoners. Their only thing in common is whether they can play with us right here.

 Just hand-made leather goods?

 What we create is a quality product designed by enthusiasts who know how to use it.

 It started with'drunkenness to something'. Because I knew what I needed as a photographer and what was cool-the handmade camera case made by hitting my body without anyone's teaching was passed down and passed down only by word of mouth about the quality without any marketing. I was chosen by celebrities. When working in a private workshop, it is loved enough to extend the work period up to 6 months and establishes a position in the domestic market.

 And JnK's works, which first entered the overseas market through personal order via e-mail, are eventually recognized for their quality, functionality, and design, so they first receive proposals from Leica stores and camera shops abroad, sign a dealership, and increase them. And by gathering these relationships, we will formally continue to work on camera brands such as Leica, Fujifilm, Olympus and etc.

  A leather workshop specializing in Korean production. JnK-handworks.

  The leather workshop JnK, which started as a private workshop and initially set up an independent work space in a small garage in Seongbuk-dong, has become a proud Korean leather workshop with the best technology to make world-class Leica cases in name and reality so that it is more famous overseas. . We believe in the infinite possibilities of Made in Korea, and we are continuing to continue step by step that we can take today.


2024. Distributor (UK) / OFF CAMERA

2023. Moulton x Arte di mano / Official collaboration product line launched with UK Moulton Bicycles

2023. SANDWICH Bazaar / Organize to raise a sponsorship for children with visual impairments / Samcheong-dong Art Sonje Center

2021. Sponsors of movie props  / 'Desicion to Leave' (Director Park Chan-wook, Cannes Film Festival Best Director Award Winner)

2022. SANDWICH Bazaar / Organize to raise a sponsorship for children with visual impairments / Samcheong-dong Art Sonje Center

2020. Leica Pop-up store / Leather Goods

2020. Lecture / Deoksu High School - 'Are you living in a place where your heart beats?'

 2019. SANDWICH Bazaar / Organize to raise a sponsorship for children with visual impairments

2019. Leica + Arte di mano / collaboration

2019. Lecture / Startup & Branding - Leather craft specialist course

2019. Adviser / Consultant of leather specialists /Korea Traditional Culture Center

2019. tvN Drama 'Boy friend' sponsor / Park bogum & Song hyekyo

2018. Leather craft class at Youngpoong bookstore

2018. Publication of a book  'Leather craft basic'

2018. Exhibition / Photokina  (Cologne, Germany)

2018. Sponsors of movie props / Sabaha

2018. Partnership / A.B.C EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY (Italy)
2017. Exhibition / 'THE HANDWORK 展' (Leica store chungmuro 2F, Gallery)
2017. Lecture / Mentoring - Leather craft specialist course
2017. Distributor (Thailand) / Leica store Thailand
2017. Sponsors of movie props / Confidential Assignment, 2016
2016. Partnership with Rocado s.r.l (Italy, SHELL CORDOVAN)
2016. Sponsors of movie props / Familyhood, 2016
2016. Sponsors of movie props / The wailing, 2016
2016. Distributor (UAE) / Leica store UAE

2015. Distributor (Korea) / Leica store chungmuro
2015.  Sponsors of movie props / The priests, 2015
2015. Certify as The shop of Seongbukdong no. 17 / history and culture area.
2014. JnK office building renovation
2014. Distributor (Hongkong) / Meteor
2014. Exhibition / Camera EXPO in HongKong
2013. Distributor (Japan) / Jouer
2013. Distributor (U.S.A) / Leica store Miaim
2013. Distributor (Indonesia) / JK lensa

2012. Partnership with 'Match technical (USA)'
2012. Exhibition / MCM VIP Lounge in Gwangju art fair
2012. Sponsors of movie props / Traffickers, 2012
2012. Win awards - Designer of the year / Seoul design festival
2011. Distributor (China) / Local shop
2011. Exhibition / Seoul Design festival
2011. Distributor (Singapore) / Cathay photo
2011. Fun,Fun Creator / Seongbuk culture center
2011. Distributor (Hongkong) / Fotopia.
2010,2011,2013. Exhibition / Seoul international Photo&Imaging fair
2010,2011. Olympus TV CF / as Artist

2010. Launching new brand 'Arte di mano'
2010. Olympus pen CF / as Artist
2009. Exhibition  / Gallery Cafe 'Tu joues'

2009. Move studio to Seongbuk-dong, Seoul
2009. Open local studio in Shinsul-dong, Seoul
2008. Exhibition / Art space Hut
2007. Established JnK-handworks as individual leather studio


2021. Fujifilm x Arte di mano / Premium cotton strap

2020. Leica Pop-up store / Leather Goods

2019. Leica + Arte di mano / collaboration
2017. with BMW 7 series / CONTEMPORARY CRAFTSMEN

2017. with Winkia / Barenia note cover
2017. with Leica store Miami - Limited camera strap for VIP customer

2017. with MOONNS - Leica Korea + Arte di mano x moonns Limited Leica Q half-case
2016. with Leica store chungmuro  / Charity bazaar for VVIP customers
2016. with Leica store chungmuro / Ostrich limited case for Leica Q special edition
2016. with Leica store chungmuro / Half-case for Leica 'The 70th anniversary of liberation Edition
2015. with Samsung camera / NX 500 half-case Limited Edition
2014. with Leica store Miami & echohands - 'Leather finger loop' 

2013. with GARIZ / JnK+GARIZ X100s half-case

2012. with MOONNS / iriver  'Astell & Kern' + JnK
2012. with MCM (Fashion brand) / Exhibition 'Put the travel'
2012. with T.I FOR MAN. (Fashion brand) / Stationary & small leather goods for Men.
2012. with Samsung camera / CES 2012 / ‘NX200 full-case’ 

2010. with LG display / 2010 Technical Fair / 'Solar energy tablet cover'
2010. with GARIZ / JnK+GARIZ Olympus Pen half-case.
2009. with echohands / "strange &sensitive' soft-button


Photo / First studio of JnK