Average experience of a skilled craftsman: 10.33 years.


'If we make the same product, we can make it best.'

'If we make it with the same quality, we can make it the fastest.'

This is the confidence of the team members that has been strengthened

over the 18 years that JnK has walked.

We do not sacrifice quality for productivity,

We don't sacrifice productivity for quality.

Team JnK

JnK-handworks is an atelier that makes leather goods based on European leather handcraft. We customizes every range of leather products, but most of all, we are specialized in hand-made camera cases.

 JnK-handworks opened the workshop as an individual maker in 2007 and continue to thrive in the industry with several masters teamed up with. 

 JnK-handworks is a small workshop but we stick to the principle for in-house production without outsourcing in order to verify our unique production techniques and quality management.

 The JnK-handworks team is composed of young energetic artisans who are ready to tide over any challenges. Every member of JnK-handworks should be trained for more than one year as an apprentice. In this course, they learn the qualification of craftsmanship to fulfill their functions and master their technical skills in the work. After the training, they are earnestly engaged in the compliance to quality standards.

 JnK-handworks is one of the best hand-made leather workshop in Korea that exports more than 90% of its products and sells and market them in Korea and the overseas local shops in US, Singapore and Indonesia under the brand “Arte di mano” on individual custom-order basis.